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HALOT-ONE: “Dark horse” of High Precision and High Cost-performance in 2021

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In the past 7 years, Creality has built a diversified product matrix through continuous increase in product research and development investment, and achieved full coverage of high, middle and low-end 3D printer product lines. In 2021, the HALOT series, as a breakthrough in the high-end series of SLA (stereolithography) product line, will facilitate the marketization of the HALOT brand through “technical innovation”, open a new era of high-quality flagship SLA 3D printers, and create a new pattern of SLA series on a global scale .

As a member of the HALOT series, HALOT-ONE inherits its high-quality genes with advanced technology and high cost-performance, and aims to provide the coolest high-performance and cost-effective products for users around the world. On April 9th, HALOT-ONE was hailed as the dark horse with the most cost-effective price at its first debut. From the perspectives of price, performance or late-stage market feedback, it is definitely an excellent, and cost-effective consumer SLA 3D printer.

Model of High-performance and High cost-Effectiveness

“Independent R&D” is the most prominent “highlight” of HALOT-ONE. This is a product that integrates innovative 3D printing technologies such as “independently-developed integral light source”, “independently-developed slicing software” and “independently-developed high-performance mainboard”. For LCD SLA 3D printers, the light source, curing screen, and Z-axis motion assembly are the three most important components. HALOT-ONE, with its integral light source, 6-inch 2K monochrome screen, and precision Z-axis module, has also achieved a revolutionary breakthrough in precision and details. Supplemented with a 5-inch color touch screen, CREALITY operating system of a new generation, OTA online upgrade, efficient cooling & filtration, etc., HALOT-ONE will no doubt provide users around the world with the most equipped products and cost-effective product experience.

Revolution in All Aspects

Trilogy of Independently-Developed Revolution

Stable and Uniform Integral Light Source

Users have long criticized the problems such as uneven light intensity and unstable precision caused by the matrix light source structure. Based on the insight into market and to meet users’ demands for more efficient 3D printing, Creality has independently developed a new light source solution-integral light source. HALOT-ONE has pioneered the new generation of the self-developed “integral light source” optical system, utilizing the principle of optical reflection plus refraction, to achieve precise control of light, and the light intensity uniformity can reach more than 80%. It solves the problems of uneven curing, excessive exposure transition, defective printing layer pattern, etc., and boasts high uniformity, high compensation, and high light intensity, greatly improving the gloss and fineness of the model.

Powerful high-performance mainboard

In the exploration of intelligence, HALOT-ONE is making great strides. The main control chip of the self-developed high-performance mainboard is equipped with a new ARMCortex™-M4 processor and 64-bit 4-core CPU/GPU, enabling powerful computing and data processing for HALOT-ONE. Thus it can effectively parse every point and slice files of the model, and provide 3D printing that is more efficient and convenient relying on its long service life, high efficiency and low power consumption.

Easy to use slicing operation

With unique application of slicing software, HALOT-ONE is equipped with Creality BOX, a slicing software independently developed by Creality, which is a small slicing machine with a very simple interface and can be used directly. Its concise interface, simple modeling, customized command parameters, etc., enables even a novice to easily get mastered in seconds.

Multiple Configurations

High-quality Performance Experience

HALOT-ONE is equipped with multiple high-end configurations. When you use HALOT-ONE, we hope that you can have a screaming feeling brought by technology, and the product can bring you some convenience in use.

5-inch Full-view Touch Screen

HALOT-ONE features a beautiful 5-inch full-view color touch screen that doubles the overall resolution, widens the field of view, and responds quickly and intuitively to your sensory needs.

Steady Movement

We inherit some classic function modules of Creality SLA 3D printers, such as “Z-axis linear guide plus T-rod”, precision Z-axis control motion system, profile widening and thickening to make the machine more stable, so as to obtain excellent movement performance.

Triple Cooling & Filtration

HALOT-0NE is specially designed with a triple cooling & filtration system (customized heat sink, cooling fan, activated carbon filter) to quickly release heat, and an activated carbon air filter system to effectively reduce the emission of peculiar smell.

OTA Online Upgrade

Support OTA online upgrade, new firmware / new system, one-click evolution, real-time introduction of new functions to quickly improve the user experience.

If you are looking for a reliable, well-constructed SLA 3D printer, HALOT-ONE is a must-have when you want to spend less money but have more configurations.


In the future, Creality will expand its market layout based on the “HALOT series” and continue to increase R&D investment. Through persistent product technology innovation, product ecology enrichment, brand building and common development with top partners in the industry chain, we will bring extreme SLA 3D printing products and services to a wide range of global consumers.

The HALOT-ONE SLA 3D Printer is available on Creality’s website, with a dedicated product page. Creality’s website.

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