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GTC: you won’t want to miss these free sessions on USD, Omniverse, AI and more

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NVIDIA GTC will be back september 19-22.

During this conference on GPU and AI, NVIDIA should make a few announcements during the keynote on September 20th. Dozens of free sessions, presentations and workshops are also planned.

Jensen Huang Keynote

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang will take the stage on September 20 at 8 a.m. PDT / 5 p.m. CEST. During his keynote, he will share “how NVIDIA’s new computing platforms, cloud technologies, and advances in virtual collaboration are transforming every industry”.
The keynote will be streamed online over here.

Dozens of free sessions

Since GPU and AI are everywhere, a wide range of topics are covered.

Here are the sessions focused on the creative industries:

The future is (almost) now

In particular, we highly suggest you check out Foundations of the Metaverse: The HTML for 3D Virtual Worlds. The panel will feature several key leaders from the industry such as Steve May (Vice President, CTO, Pixar), Guido Quaroni (Senior Director of Engineering of 3D & Immersive, Adobe), as well as representatives from Unity, NVIDIA, Autodesk. Together, they will talk about USD (Universal Scene Description), and how it will become a standard for the CG industry. Whether you are a developer, artist, studio executive or student, you will definitely work with USD in the years to come. This session will therefore be a good opportunity to know why USD is being adopted, and what advancements are needed so that it really becomes a standard everywhere, from animation studios to the metaverse.

Making-of sessions, research, AI

Here are a few additional sessions that caught our eye:

Optimize your own applications

Last, but not least, GTC also offers workshops and courses with very practical use, such as Developer Tools Fundamentals for Ray Tracing using NVIDIA Nsight Graphics and NVIDIA Nsight Systems“. This session will help you tame NVIDIA Nsight and “understand how modern GPUs function and how to properly feed the graphics pipeline”, how to “identify GPU bottlenecks that degrade performance by inspecting low level metrics”, and also how to “optimize some example workloads to achieve peak performance”.
(this training lab is free but limited capacity and first-come, first-served: check out the link above for more information)

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