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“Graine de paresse”: discover a peaceful world of lazy creatures

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French digital arts school ESMA began sharing their latest thesis short films.Here is Graine de Paresse, a short film that invites you to discover surprising creatures living in nature.

In a small peaceful world, lives a people of lazy creatures called the Blobs. One day their calm is broken by the birth of Zip, a hyperactive blob. He will try to fit in this world despite his difference.

Graine de Paresse is therefore a short film about being different and trying to fit in.
The directors are Benjamin Mourgues, Aurore Devichi, Elodie Tardif, Juliette Gueydan, Robin Artero, Manon Jumel, Sophie Nippert, Elsa Mandelsaft.

Musique / music: Senthuuran
Son / sound: José Vicente, Guilhem Favard, Mickaël Merrheim, Yoann Poncet, Tristan Le Bozec – STUDIO DES AVIATEURS
Voix / Voices: Elsa Mandelsaft, Aurore Devichi, Sophie Nippert, Senthuuran

Here are a few concept arts shared by the team on the official Instagram account:

Graine de Paresse - ESMA 2022
Graine de Paresse - ESMA 2022
Graine de Paresse - ESMA 2022

Can’t wait to watch the other thesis short films from the class of 2022? Then you might enjoy the video we shot at the graduation ceremony. You’ll learn what makes ESMA special, why studios hire students from the school, and we also interviewed some of the students who were awarded prizes for their shorts, with exclusive shots from their shorts!

00:00 – ESMA & studios
02:20 – Interview – Swing to the Moon
02:56 – Interview – Roald
03:37 – Interview – Trajectoire
04:30 – Interview – Flamme
05:15 – ESMA & studios, part 2

Last, but not least, here is the official Graine de Paresse poster!

Graine de Paresse - ESMA 2022

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