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Golaem Academy, season 2: train yourself for free!

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Last year, the Golaem team launched a free training focused on their crowd simulation tool.

The event was a success : over 300 people joined the training, 40 of which completed their project assignment.
Golaem explains that some of the artists who joined the program in 2021 managed to join big studios as crowd artists, or helped their current studio to extend their capabilities.
Golaem therefore decided to organize another Golaem Academy this year, May 10-18th.

Golaem Academy includes:

  • 5 training sessions with an introduction to Golaem followed by various use cases: populating a stadium, armies in formation, horses, archers, physics, pedestrian & traffic in a city, Golaem Engine.
  • a project assignment, reviewed by the Golaem team.
  • “Golaem Mixer”: tutorials on Golaem 8, projects review, an overview of currently opened job offers.

Just like last year, the best projects will be feratured in a dedicated showreel.

Golaem Academy is free. Learn more & register Academy.golaem.com.