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Accueil » From knitting to spacesuits: computational cloth techniques showcased at SIGGRAPH 2023

From knitting to spacesuits: computational cloth techniques showcased at SIGGRAPH 2023

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On Sunday at SIGGRAPH 2023, a conferenced focused on cloth took place: Tailor Made: Techniques in Computational Cloth. Several studios and companies showcased their latest projects.

Animal Logic, showed us a tool that allow their artists to efficiently generate knitted garnments. They are able to create yarn-level models for a large number of characters.

SIGGRAPH 2023 - cloth

The Smithonian and Adobe then explained how they created and deployed a capture methodology to create a digital double of Alan Shepard’s Space Suit. They told us about their capture setup, as well as about their new hybrid mesostructure reconstruction approach. Basically, they combined low-frequency data from photogrammetry and fine details/high-frequency data from a neural method. This allowed them to create a jaw-dropping digital double, that can be seen in the video below.

Adidas told us about AI Archive, a generative AI that was created in order to generate new sneakers designs. They explained how they managed to provide a good level of control over the generated results: this was a key part of the project, as boosted adoption of this new technique.

SIGGRAPH 2023 - cloth - Adidas

Last, but not least, Disney told us about the garnments created for their animated feature Strange World. This technical challenge stemmed from a creative need: since Avalonia is a low-tech location, costumes had to convey this fact with a handmade look and feel. The team explained how they revamped their authoring workflows for curve-based fabrics. This allowed them to handle complex woven patterns as well as finishing techniques like stitches and hems, while still providing artist-friendly tools to the team.

SIGGRAPH 2023 - cloth - Strange World

Overall, these presentations show that cloth is an area where lots of work, research and development is still being done, whether it’s for capturing real-life garnments or to create new ones.

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