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French digital arts school Pôle 3D turns 20 and becomes Piktura: here’s why

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French digital arts school Pôle 3D juste celebrated its 20th anniversary. The team behind the school took this opportunity to announce a rebranding: goodbye Pôle 3D, welcome Piktura!

Piktura director Jérémy Theng told us more about the new name. There are basically two reasons behind this rebranding:

  • The first one is the fact that Pôle 3D was, perceived, as its name implies, as a CG-focused school. That was true when it was launched and focused on 3D animation, but over the years, the school began launching various courses: 2D animation, videogames, illustration… Which means there was a discrepancy between the name of the school and the courses. Some recruiters were even confused when meeting young 2D animators who graduated from the school.
  • Moreover, internationalization has been a strong focus of the school in the last few years. It is noteworthy, by the way, that we have seen more and more Piktura student short films in major festivals, such as Migrants and The Seine’s tears (click on these links to watch the short films and read our interviews of the teams behind them!).

The new visual identity of the school was created by Atelier Télescopique.

Last, but not least, Piktura will move to a new building next year, close to its current location at Plaine Images, a hub dedicated to creative industries in Lille, France.

Some of the most recent Piktura animated short films

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