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Flipou: watch a surprising balloon creature exploring the world

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French digital arts school ESMA unveils Flipou, an animated short film from their class of 2022 This colorful film follows a surprising being in a poetic world:

A balloon creature, Flipou, falls from the sky into a clearing. Deflated, he encounters plants with amazing effects. He discovers that the warmth of the flora makes him swell, while the plants, after coming to life, become inert and freeze.

Flipou was directed by Sydney Baillargeon, Jules Thibaudeau, Perrine Dolleans, Baptiste Vaneenaeme, Héloïse de Gentile, Léna Vanheeghe, and Alexandra Sarrasin.

Music: Nicolas Jubert
Sound: José Vicente, Baptiste Leblanc, Yoann Poncet – STUDIO DES AVIATEURS

If you haven’t watched them already, chek out the two other short films from the class of 2022 that have already been released online: Baovelanh, Graine de Paresse.

And if you want a glimpse of the upcoming student short films, or if you want to know more about ESMA, here is the interview we shot during the graduation ceremony with students, teachers as well as studios such as Fortiche, TeamTo, In Efecto Atlantis. The interviews are in French but English captions can be turned on using the Youtube UI. Chapters with timings are available below the video.

00:00 – ESMA & studios
02:20 – Interview – Swing to the Moon
02:56 – Interview – Roald
03:37 – Interview – Trajectoire
04:30 – Interview – Flamme
05:15 – ESMA & studios, part 2

Here are also a keyshot, a concept and a picture from the team, posted on the official Flipou Instagram account.

Above: final render
Below: keyshot
Flipou - keyshot
Flipou - team

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