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Eonia: a goddess awakens

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Watch Eonia, an animated short film from French digital arts school New3dge and directed by Amaury Renard, Bastien Foreau, Carina Loiseau, Axel Leparmentier, Eloise Fontimpe, Jason Mathieu, Pauline Furon, and Kilian Vandenhende.

After thousands of years, civilizations achieved to develop an advanced technology that allows humans to reach the domains of the gods. Due to the passing ages, deities slowly lost their power and supremacy. And most fear that one day, some of their old secrets may come back to life…
Lost somewhere in the deepest part of the galaxy, Eos, Veteran warrior, is landing on WOUND, a prison planet, created by the divinities of Olympus, in order to free his once sealed goddess…

As the synopsis suggests, Eonia is a blend of sci-fi and Ancient Greece.

The team behind Eonia shared a making-of video. Don’t forget to check out the school website: there, you’ll find concepts, turntables, environement and characters renders.

Last, but not least, you can watch more New3dge short films on 3DVF.

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