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Enjoy a lemon pie with this ARTFX animated short film

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French digital arts school ARTFX unveiled another short film from their class of 2022: What About Cooking ?. This beautiful animated short deals with nostalgia, loss but also how cooking and memories can bring us closer together.

Luca has just lost his grandmother, a real chef’s cook. While rummaging through his kitchen cupboards, he remembers the wonderful lemon pie she used to make for him. It’s decided, Luca starts cooking!

This ARTFX animated was directed by Pauline Aubert, Théo Chardonnier, Thibault Delaire, Rishikesh Nayudu, Pierre Pereira, Nina Zacharek. They were helped by two specialists: Louis Beurville, Xin Pang.

On the technical side, the short film is a mix of 2D and 3D animation. The team carefully crafted the kitchen to generate 70s vibes. They obviously also took great care when lighting the shots.
Last, but not least, they had to create realistic and mouthwatering food, since this is a key part of the short.

The What About Cooking ? making-of will give you more information about the short film, with artistic and technical details. The directors explain how they managed to convey emotions without dialogue, how they used ToonBoom to create 2D animation. Fluid simulations are also included.

What About Cooking ? - ARTFX animated short film
The directors of What About Cooking?
What About Cooking ? - ARTFX animated short film
What About Cooking? – poster

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