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Edouard Salier and Digital District got the moon for SEGA

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In order to promote Humankind, the new historical turn-based strategy game from Amplitude Studios, SEGA asked BETC to get the moon.

Here is the result of this collaboration: a trailer directed by Edouard Salier, produced by Wanda. VFX were handled by Digital District. The trailer features an alternate version of history. We follow the first moon landing, only to realize that the american astronaut is not alone…

The team chose not to go full-CG, as shown in the making-of video. Digital District (VFX Supervisor: Etienne Salançon, VFX Producer: Dorothée Sémézis) worked on set extensions, flags as well as a crowd of astronauts.

You might have noticed that the music used for the trailer is a tweaked version of Johan Strauss’ The Blue Danube, famously used by Stanley Kubrick in his 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Director: Edouard Salier
Production: Wanda Agency: BETC VFX
Producer: Dorothée Sémézis
VFX Supervisor: Etienne Salançon
Flame Artist: Eric Alcuvilla
Color Grading: Color
Colorist: Mathieu Caplanne
Editor: Walter Mauriot

Humankind is available on Steam, Epic Games Store, Windows Store and Stadia.

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