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École Georges Méliès Unveils new Student Short Films and Games

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Last week, French art school École Georges Méliès showcased the latest short films and games created by its students. Professionnals from various studios came to discover these projects and provide feedback to the students. 3DVF attended the event.

This new class showcased many 2D and stylized 3D short films, as well as two video games. The artistic influences were quite varied, notably from Studio La Cachette.
As each group presented their project with humor and props, the day took on an almost theatrical feel, which was quite enjoyable!

Here is an overview of the games and films we discovered, which will be available online soon:

  • Underground Invaders: In the tunnels of the Paris metro, three people face a terrifying reality.
    This film dares to explore the horror genre, which is unfortunately quite rare when it comes to student short films, and makes a turn towards body horror and gore. Polarizing and uncompromising: a real visual punch! Undoubtedly our favorite of the entire class.
    Directed by: Shera Courtalhac, Victor Lesaffre, Dana Guyot, Meggie Bernier, Maëlle Métaireau, Inès Dolivet, Inès Molinier.
  • Des Pressions Atmosphériques: A beautiful 2D animated short following two children as the rain begins to fall. Poetic, intimate, dreamlike, with impressive animation work related to water.
    Directed by: Max Banse, Julie Blanc, Alvaro Deolio, Elena Forlini, Estelle Jourdan, Gabriel Riera, Lila Trouvé.
  • Ma Doi: A 2D animated short inviting us to follow a child in Vietnam, blending local traditions, antics, and a surprising new friend. Highly detailed artistic direction and significant animation effort. Beautifully executed!
    Directed by: Clara Grindatto, Lisa Guilhen, Ludivine Bidoire, Clémence Goin, Lisa Gazagne, Manon Etienne, Leilani Meylan, Tuong-Vy Nguyen.
  • Madame Irma: A VR game placing you in the role of a fake psychic on a TV set, with puppets in the audience! Absurd, wild, with a lot of work on the universe and dialogues.
    Team: Luc Dalmas, Rémy Maurey, Enzo Vestry, Mathilde Degris, Arnaud Gillotin, Valentin Boisgerault-François.
  • Out of Sync: Time powers and torn friendship in a large metropolis. We particularly appreciated the work on the city’s creation.
    Directed by: Arthur Grousset, Julie Grandin, Camille Hilaire, Nox Gibert, Véra Caudieux, Alaric Girardot.
  • Hylos: A video game project inspired by Greek mythology centered around flying. A nice gameplay challenge, as it is often difficult to offer manageable and effective controls. The choices made here seemed very relevant.
    Team: Florie Poulet Souchard, Damien De Boever, Timon Frachet, Simon Cheillan, Maria Fernanda Berguerand.
  • Le Cycle de ZAD: A short created as if it was the first episode of an animated series. Hence the emphasis on world building, scenery, and character setup, like a pilot episode.
    Directed by: Thomas Cossais, Nabil Ben M’Barek, Elodie Renar, Mélanie Jousse, Eva Tommy-Martin, Camille Daligault, Younes Ayani.
  • Vol Brisé: A short adopting stylized 2D and 3D animation to evoke Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. We particularly appreciated the dreamlike sequences.
    Directed by: Arthur Jouanny, Sébastien Le Gallic, Emie Rolland, Jaana Berthelot, Aliénor Poignand Du Fontenioux, Younes Ayani.
  • La Bande à Bonnot: A 2D short inspired by the anarchist criminal group of the early 20th century. Impressive animation, with influences of Ernest and Celestine and Studio La Cachette.
    Directed by: Pauline Campos, Malo Negri, Thaïs Gaspard Casanova, Emma Ciaravolo, Andréa Olbreck, Philippe Delaune, Léonie Russu.

Congratulations to the students: we can’t wait to see your first projects in the studios!
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