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das elements: organize your element library !

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Discover das element, a VFX library softwaret that will help you store, organize and re-use your asset libraries such as smoke, fire & explosion videos, reference pictures, matte painting libraries, textures, etc. das elements supports common file formats such as OpenEXR, DPX, PSD, .mov, as well as PDF files. 3D file formats are not supporter, however.

Here is a short video product tour, followed by more information.

The gallery view allows artists to browse their libraries using tags and hierarchical categories, as well as various filters such as media type, resolution, length of a video asset. Hovering over the thumbnail of a video will allow you to get an animated preview.

Switching to the Ingest view will allow you to add new elements to the library and to tag them. You can either tag your assets manually or use an AI to work in your place: a machine learning tool, trained on typical VFX assets, will then auto-tag the assets. Of course, you’ll be able to check the tags before approving the end result. The Ingest view also provides a tag suggestions feature: it will suggest new keywords depending on those already added to an asset. Once all these steps have been completed, your assets can be “ingested”: they will be stored using your custom naming convention and folder structure (everything can be tweaked in the software settings), and proxy files will be created for a smoother library browsing experience.

The ingest view

There are three versions of das elements:

  • dans element – standard: “The standard version is the software that helps you organize your digital media assets. You can configure your pipeline and render templates, create libraries and ingest files into your folder structure. The AI feature helps you with the tagging of elements.”
  • das element – lite: “The lite version is used by an artist to browse the library. Multiple libraries can be loaded. No creation of libraries, no ingest and no AI. Getting only this lite version won’t be very useful. You will at least need one standard version in order to setup a library.”
  • das element – cli: “The CLI version is the command line software (no GUI) that returns a prediction of labels for a given media file. This can be used in a post render process to label a rendering.”

das element supports Linux (Debian/Centos) / Windows10 / MacOS. For more information, you can check out the official website.

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