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Cyclops: an iPad app to improve your shoots & scouts

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Visualization Studio The Third Floor unveils a video tutorial for Cyclops, an AR app for iOS that is similar to Simulcam. We already discussed Cyclops a while back, during an interview (in French) with Chris Edwards from The Third Floor about The Mandalorian and the latest tech developped at the studio.

Cyclops can be used to visualize CG elements composited into the iPad’s camera view, in real-time. You can also load up previs shots and view the previs animation into the shooting location/set.
Since everything runs on an iPad, explains The Third Floor, ” it can easily be passed to other crew and cast members so they can be better informed about the VFX action that is being shot.”

As The Third Floor explains, Cyclops “has tools to move around, rotate and scale CG assets, save bookmarks, align to the real world, playback animation, adjust lighting, toggle visibility layers, change lenses, save recordings”, and more.

Cyclops has been used on various projects, such as Ant-Man and the Wasp – Quantumania and the Star Wars series.
Here is the tutorial. It will give you a good overview of the tools available:

You’ll find below a video showcase of the product.
A public beta of Cyclops is available. You can sign up on a dedicated webpage to dowload it.

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