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Create turntables of your 3D models using Substance 3D Stager

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Creating a turntable, in other words a rotating view of a 3D model, is a good way to showcase your creations. ZBrush, for example, allows you to create such animations.

Adobe recently added new features to do the same in Substance 3D Stager, in just a few clicks. They released a video tutorial that will show you how to proceed. You can create a 360° view of your model, or make the model itself turn, depending on the lighting effect you’re looking for.
Furthermore, Substance 3D Stager allows you to tweak a few settings, depending on wether you want a uniform rotation or not, an acceleration, etc.

The settings are very easy to understand, and you won’t need more than a few minutes to learn how to use them. Once you’re done, you can export your turntable animation using GPU rendering or raytracing. You’ll end up with an image sequence (PNG files) that can be imported in a video editing software.

It should be noted that the turntable tools included in Substance 3D Stager are still a bit limited at this time. Adobe acknowledges this, and explains that more features will be added over time. Since Substance 3D is quite easy to use, if you already are a Substance 3D user, we recommend you check it out by yourself.

And here is a short example of what can be achieved in just a few minutes, using Substance 3D Stager and a 3D scan from our Revopoint Range review.

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