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CG & VFX Studios Map: more than 1300 studios worldwide!

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A few years ago, we launched our VFX & CG Studios Map. You can access it using a dedicated link at the top of each page of our website.

Over 1300 studios and companies are listed: 2D/3D animation studios, VFX, video game developers, virtual production companies, VR/XR, motion design, motion capture…
The map and the list are connected: for example, using the map, you can click on a studio the head over to the detailed webpage of this specific company.

We created the map from scratch, but you can help us improve it!

Here’s how you can help us add more studios.

How to suggest a studio

You noticed a company that isn’t on the map yet, but you’re not a studio executive, not in charge of PR/HR?
Just send us an e-mail: and ask us to add the studio!

Also, don’t forget to head over to the CG Jobs page if you’re looking for a job. And follow us on Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook.

If you’re a studio executive, or part of the PR/HR team, head over to the next part of this article!

How can I add my studio? Add details about my company?

Are you a studio executive, or in charge of the public relations & communications? Do you wish to add your studio/company on the map, create a detailed dedicated webpage or correct an error, for example if your studio moved to a new location, or if you changed your company logo?
You can easily do it!

Here’s how to proceed:

  • If you don’t already have one, create a account.
  • Then get in touch with us ( and tell us which studio you would want do add or manage. If we already created your dedicated webpage, we can give you access to it: you’ll be able to add some information if needed (such as a demoreel, a short introduction, visuals, etc).

How can I publish a job offer for free?

Studios, do you wish to publish job offers on 3DVF? Follow the steps explained in the previous section of this article. Your 3DVF account will allow you to share job offers on our dedicated CG Jobs webpage, as well as on the front page of publishing a job offer is free. Get in touch with us ( for more information!

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