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CES 2023: NVIDIA announces new tools for creators

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At CES 2023, NVIDIA announces new software updates for creators, including new features coming to NVIDIA Omniverse, their online platform for 3D design collaboration & digital twin simulation.

New connectors, Unity in early access

First of all, NVIDIA announces new connectors for Omniverse. These connectors are basically bridges between Omniverse and your favorite 3D tools. A connector is now available for Unity in Early Access, and Omniverse Enterprise (aimed at studios and companies) now offers new connectors: Adobe Substance 3D Painter, Autodesk Alias, PTC Creo, Kitware’s Paraview are now supported, as well as Siemens NX Software.

3D generative AI capabilities for Blender

Furthermore, a new release for Blender (available in alpha) will allow you to use AI tools more easily. Thanks to the new Blender addon, explains NVIDIA, “one-button operation from Omniverse Audio2Face” is now available. Audio2Face is an AI-powered tool that generates realistic facial expressions from an audio file.

Another new panel within Blender is aimed at scene optimization. NVIDIA explains that the goal is to “lets users create USD scenes within their multi-app 3D workflows more easily and in real time”.

A short 3D animation created by 3DVF using Audio3Face, MetaHuman Creator, a 3D scan and a short audio clip from NVIDIA (3090 Ti announcement)

AI ToyBox

NVIDIA also announces an updated AI ToyBox: new tools for NVIDIA Omniverse such as GET3D, an extension that car create 3D models from 3D images.
This announcement is not surprising: back in 2021, NVIDIA Research unveiled a research project aimed at converting 2D images to 3D models, and NVIDIA had explained that their goal was to include this feature within Omniverse. —- AI ToyBox is the result of this work.

It should also be noted that developpers will be able to train Get3D using their own datasets.
GET3D will be available in Omniverse Create, alongside other AI projects such as GANVerse3D Image2Car and AI Animal Explorer.

NVIDIA Omniverse preinstalled on NVIDIA Studio laptops

NVIDIA also annoinced that Omniverse Launcher “has been made available to system builders so they can preinstall it” on NVIDIA Studio-validated laptops aimed at 3D creators. This is, of course, a double-edged sword: on one hand, this will allow NVIDIA to increase their user base, on the other hand customers might not always like preinstalled software.

Canvas, RTX Remix: coming soon!

Last, but not least, NVIDIA also discussed two other tools.

  • NVIDIA RTX Remix, a free modding platform built on NVIDIA Omniverse that allows you to create mods for old videogames while adding raytracing, enhanced materials, DLSS3 support.
    This tool is “coming soon”, in early access, explains NVIDIA.
  • NVIDIA CANVAS, already available in beta, is a tool that allows you to rough sketch environements. The AI-powered tool can the be used to add details automatically. Canvas will soon be updated: you will be able to create of 360-degree landscapes, then export them to your favorite 3D apps.

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