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“Bourdonnement”: obsession & clay in a French student short film

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Update: a making-of/interview is now available over on the official Pixar’s RenderMan website.
This article was first published on August 22 2022.

Aude Mahieux, Pierre-Louis Bouron, Zoé Chataigner, Mélanie Rohmer, Martin Teillet, and Lena Hosdez, just unveiled their thesis short film from ESMA (a French animation school): Bourdonnement (“buzzing”).

Luís, a married sculptor, starts to make a clay reproduction of his neighbor. He can’t help but spy on her ever since he uncovered a hole in their shared wall.

Voix / voices: Damien Boisseau, Marie Bouvet, Agathe Schumacher
Musique / music: Laurent Vang
Son / sound: José Vicente, Baptiste Le Blanc – STUDIO DES AVIATEURS

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