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Accueil » Baovelanh: a young woman attempts to save her island

Baovelanh: a young woman attempts to save her island

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French digital arts school ESMA unveils another short from their class of 2022. Here is Bảovệlạnh, a short film centered around a woman facing the destruction of her home.

On an island, a volcano erupts. A young woman tries to convince her father to flee while he wants to revive an old legend: resurrect the protector of the island, the Bảovệlạnh.

This short film was directed by Jocelyn Bournerie, Sacha Ismail, Cyril Rabatel, Elodie Delune, Elina Roux, Eva Philis, Eléonore Lacour, Fanny Georges and Blandine Cottin.

Musique / music: Laurent Vang
Chanteuse / singer: Nolwenn Guehenneux
Son / sound: José Vicente, Guilhem Favard, Mickaël Merrheim, Yoann Poncet, Tristan Le Bozec – STUDIO DES AVIATEURS
Voix / Voices: David Krüger, Juliette Cayatte
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