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ARTFX Celebrates its 20th Anniversary and unveils new short films

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Last week, 3DVF went to Montpellier, in the South of France, to attend the marked the ARTFX 2024 graduation show. A significant event as the school celebrates its 20th anniversary!

Since 3DVF launched in 2000, we have witnessed the school’s remarkable growth. ARTFX has expanded beyond its original Montpellier campus to include new campuses in two other French cities, Lille and Enghien-les-Bains.

ARTFX also built a strong network of relationships with studios over the years. Consequently, many companies attended the event, including MPC, Digital District, One of Us, The Mill, Ubisoft, Supamonks, ILM, TAT, BUF, Mikros Animation, Dwarf, Illumination, Mathematic, The Yard, Menhir Fx, Superprod, TNZPV, Folimage, Fortiche, Electric Theatre Collective, Nobody Studio, Rodeo Fx, Illogic Studios, CGEV, Black Kite, Framestore, Les Tontons Truqueurs, Cube Creative, Light, 37 Degrees Studio, and Welcome to Love.

Professionals during the graduation show.
Photo: ARTFX
Simon Vanesse (Managing Director – ARTFX) and Gilbert Kiner (President and Founder – ARTFX)

Once again, the students wowed us and presented final year films displaying a high level of skill in 3D animation, visual effects, and 2D animation. Three films received the jury’s “coup de coeur” awards:

  • Chaussettes: A short 3D animation film. The jury appreciated the film’s graphical shift, from an Arcane-like style to a more classic environment.
    The making-of, styled like a Netflix documentary trailer, was also noteworthy!
  • Verdun: A visual effects short filmed in Verdun. The film featured significant resources and talent, telling the story of a man in the trenches who loses a loved one before returning home.
  • The Bitter and the Sweet: A 2D animation film (one of three in the 2024 class). Its visual style was highly appreciated by the jury.

Of course, many other films were presented, each with its own unique qualities. We will feature them on 3DVF as they become available online.
Meanwhile, we wish the school a happy anniversary. 3DVF supported the celebrations by interviewing part of the team in partnership with ARTFX. The resulting video, shown during the school’s celebrations, will soon be available online via the school’s social media channels.

Photo: ARTFX
Photo: ARTFX
Two other films from the 2024 class

Congratulations to the students who are now joining the industry—we can’t wait to see your first projects in the studios!
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Photo : ARTFX

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