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After Effects: How to create dozens of variations

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If you are an After Effect user, you may have been asked to generate several variations of the same project, for example by creating an animation with various backgrounds and props. This kind of task can quickly turn into a nightmare.

The newly created Motion Rush Youtube channel just posted a video showing how to achieve this, using essential properties and expressions.

— EXPRESSIONS — For the character slider: if(thisComp.layer(“CTRL”).effect(“SELECTEUR”)(1)==XX) 100 else 0; // Change XX by the value of your choice. Be carefull with the naming of your layers and effects also

For NFT_Mastercomp characters

For NFT_Mastercomp Background“XX”)+2)/25 – 1/25 // XX being the character you’re searching for. Careful about the FPS of your comp


00:00 Intro 00:50 What are Master Properties 02:10 How the file is built 03:09 The “IF” Expression 04:02 NFT Master Properties 05:04 Expression for the characters (animated) 06:07 Expression for the background (still) 07:28 Versionning / Export 09:00 Outro