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A VFX breakdown for Andor, by Hybride

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VFX studio Hybride unveils a VFX Breakdown for Andor, the latest Star Wars series.

This show met critical acclaim thanks to an efficient writing and appealing characters. Production design, sets and VFX also played a major role to give life to this world.
Ferrix, an inhabited, barren planet, features an impressive industrial town.

Hybride helped give life to Ferrix. They produced a total of 714 shots for 67 sequences for the series. The team was tasked with creating set extensions, huge vistas, adding crowds of Stormtroopers and handling blue/green screens. They also worked on FX shots, including an explosion detailed at the end of this Andor VFX breakdown.

This is not the first time that Hybride is working on the Star Wars franchise. For example, we discussed their involvement on Solo : A Star Wars Story a while back (article in French).

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