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A strong French presence at SIGGRAPH 2023

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Lots of French companies chose to attend to SIGGRAPH 2023. Actually, France is the second country with the most booths, just behind the USA!

These French companies are therefore able to showcase their products, services and technologies to the whole computer graphics industry. Nathalie Soirat (pictured above), Deputy Consul General from the Consulate General of France in Los Angeles, visited the exhibition floor to meet them.

Here are the French companies exhibiting at SIGGRAPH:

  • 2 Minutes, a production company, executive producer and animation studio. It is based in Paris (France), Angoulême (France), Saint-Pierre (Reunion Island), Montreal (Canada), and Nanjing (China). The team led by Jean-Michel Spiner, 2 Minutes CEO showcased their animation pipeline, ARTEFACT, which relies on Unreal Engine (a conference about this pipeline is available on 3DVF, in French). This pipeline is being developped while producing three animated features: Sheba (directed by Benjamin Massoubre & Alexis Ducord, produced by Maybe Movies), Lendarys (Philippe Duchêne, Jean-Baptiste Cuvelier) and The Legendaries (directed by Guillaume Ivernel, produced by Pan-Européenne).
Nathalie Soirat - 2 Minutes
  • CGAL (The Computational Geometry Algorithms Library), provides geometric algorithms in the form of a C++ library. The library offers data structures and algorithms like triangulations, Voronoi diagrams, Boolean operations on polygons and polyhedra, point set processing, arrangements of curves, surface and volume mesh generation, geometry processing, alpha shapes, convex hull algorithms, shape reconstruction, AABB and KD trees, and more.
  • Golaem, the company behind Golaem Crowd (crowd simulation), Golaem Layout (which helps populate scenes thanks to procedural tools), Golaem Deep (a deep learning tool dedicated to 3D animation, including rigs evaluation acceleration, lip sync generation).
Nathalie Soirat - Golaem
  • Kinetix, which focuses on motion capture from videos thanks to AI. Kinetix offers a plug & play SDK to allow game and virtual worlds to let their users purchase and play emotes directly in-game, whatever the avatar.
Nathalie Soirat - Kinetix
Henri Mirande – Kinetix CTO and co-founder
  • TechViz, which provides VR Software for Engineering & Collaborative VR.
Nathalie Soirat - Techviz
SIGGRAPH 2023 - Nathalie Soirat
  • 4DViews, specialized in volumetric video capture technology. They just announced their new capture system, Holosys+.
  • Matereal, a company which provides a wide range of material files derived from real material measurements. They target various applications including video games, movies, visualization and virtual prototyping.
Nathalie Soirat - Matereal
  • Mercenaries Engineering, the company behind Guerilla Render (Look Development, Assembly, Lighting &Rendering Solution for the Animation and the VFX industries) and Rumba (an animation software).
Rumba demo
  • Persistant Studios which develops PopcornFX a suite of tools dedicated to realtime visual effects creation along with ready-to-run mainstream Game Engine integrations (Unreal Engine, Unity, O3DE) and a Runtime simulation framework for custom integration.
Nathalie Soirat - PopcornFX
Jean-Phillippe Louguet & Nicolas Verley – Ranch Computing
  • United Visual Researchers / UVR. This startup developed an optical simulation software, offering physics-based rendering integrated with virtual reality. In other words, users can get true-to-life rendering software, which can help them reduce physical prototypes and mockups.
  • Eclairion, a computing center “dedicated to the colocation of high-density computers in container modules”.

Most of the companies above can be found on the French Pavillion, organized by Cap Digital, a French business cluster.

Last, but not least, the Deputy Consul General of France in LA also met young French talents: the team behind Swing to the Moon, a student short film from French digital art school ESMA. As a reminded, they were just awarded the Best Student Project award at SIGGRAPH 2023.

Nathalie Soirat & the team behind the animated short film Swing to the Moon

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