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Accueil » A duo of Scottish scammers face a herd of ghost sheep

A duo of Scottish scammers face a herd of ghost sheep

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Watch Ghostsheep, an animated short film from French digital arts school ESMA about a fake ghost hunter and her dog, in the heart of Scotland.

Skye and her dog, Bodric, are a duo of Scottish scammers! She disguises her dog as a ghost and pretends to be a ghost hunter. For their next scam, they decide to go to the castle of McDroch, an old Scottish laird. Unfortunately, their plan doesn’t go as planned when they find themselves up against an enormous herd of voracious ghost sheep. Skye will have to be extremely ingenious if she wants to succeed without blowing her cover.

Directors: Noémie Paul, Pauline Boutelliez, Juliette Navarro, Mathilde Faugeras, Eve Ramet, Jérôme Tortet, Clara Radouant, and Théo Wagner.

Music: Frédéric Varot
Voices: Juliette Cayatte, Gead Mulheran
Sound: José Vicente, Yoann Poncet – STUDIO DES AVIATEURS

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