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4 Ways To Prevent Data Breaches?

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As useful as the internet can be, it is not without its setbacks. In particular, data breaches are one of the biggest issues plaguing internet users of all kinds. In fact, experts assert that a whopping 7.9 billion records (which includes information such as phone numbers, credit card numbers, home addresses, etc.), have been exposed since 2019. More alarmingly, it seems that there is no safe space on the internet. For instance, in January of 2020, it was discovered that the data of approximately 250 million customers had there emails and IP addresses exposed dating as far back as 2005. In other words, even large conglomerates are incapable of protecting us from data breaches. That said, the following is an overview of tips to help you prevent data breaches and be sure to follow this guide for more information.

Training and Education

One of the best methods of preventing data breaches is by training and educating yourself. No matter if you use the internet for personal use or if you have an entire company filled with employees, staying educated on new threats and trends is one of the best ways to prevent data breaches. This could involve anything from regularly reading and researching information on data breaches or holding regular training sessions to keep your staff abreast of the current trends within the realm of data breaches.

Regularly Updating Software

Another method of preventing data breaches is by regularly updating your software. Although it can be a tad annoying or inconvenient, software updates are often created as a method of keeping you more safe and secure while you are using the software. If you fail to regularly update your software, your system becomes more vulnerable. Therefore, installing the recommended updates is an inexpensive method of keeping your system safe from data breaches.

Change Passwords Regularly

Another method of preventing data breaches is to change your passwords regularly. Hackers often gain access to your network by uncovering passwords that you may have saved in emails or other locations. However, by regularly changing your passwords, you can prevent others from gaining access to your personal data.

Virtual Private Networks

For those who are yet unfamiliar, a VPN, or virtual private network, is a great method of preventing yourself or your company from being hacked. These work because they create a secure tunnel between the provider and the user. In other words, VPN’s help users to prevent data breaches by keeping their sensitive information safe no matter when and where you choose to access the web. VPN’s help to keep your network safe and secure by scrambling the information being sent through these tunnels. This makes it virtually impossible for hackers and other troublesome programs and parties to gain access to the information being sent through the tunnels. Despite the fact that VPN’s do use the very same tunnels being used by the rest of the internet, VPN’s make it essentially impossible for your information to be accessed by mandating that the user provide a specific access key to decrypt it.

How VPN’s Help Prevent Data Breaches

Given that VPNs are a relatively new method of protecting yourself from data breaches, it only makes sense that we delve into how they actually work and the features they provide. The following is a list of the various benefits that help keep you safe while using VPN’s to surf the web:

  • Blocking of Ads, Malware, Trackers, and More- One of the top benefits of using a VPN is that they protect users by blocking harmful things such as ads, malware, and more. VPN’s provide us with an easy method of blocking out ads, malware, trackers, hackers, and other things that may cause problems for those surfing on both private and public networks.
  • Public Wi-Fi Security- Additionally, you can use public networks anywhere in the world without worrying about people accessing your information.
  • Camouflage Mode- VPN’s also make staying incognito on the internet a cinch. No matter why you wish to remain anonymous, a VPN easily allows you to keep your private information private. By using a VPN, you will not have to waste time worrying about being tracked by hackers or other harmful people and programs.
  • Encryption- With using the top-level encryption, the AES-256-GCM, VPN’s can prevent data breaches by troublesome parties.
  • Privacy for Banking and Other Transactions Containing Sensitive Data- Purchasing a VPN will allow you to remain safe and secure online when you need wit most: while shopping, banking, and sharing other sensitive financial information online. The worst types of data breaches are those that involve your personal financial information being exposed. However, a high-quality VPN can prevent this.
  • Kill Switch- If you are yet unfamiliar, a kill switch is a quintessential part of any VPN. This is an automatic deactivation button that works by “killing” the internet connection if the VPN connection has an issue. Therefore, if you are surfing the web and our VPN has an issue with its connection, the kill switch saves the day by immediately disconnecting the connection, making it impossible for you to unknowingly be connected to the network unprotected.
  • Multi-Device Protection- VPN’s also offer the ability to protect multiple devices while using one network. This includes smartphones, computers, tablets, and more.
  • Avoiding Censorship Restrictions- One highly sought after feature of VPN’s is that they allow you to bypass censorship rules and regulations on an international level.
  • No Logs- Lastly, VPN’s make it safe to surf the web without saving your search history. Therefore, need not worry about log details being stored, which can ultimately lead to data breaches.

Overall, there are plenty of ways to prevent data breaches. For instance, purchasing a high-quality VPN makes it possible for you to stay safe while surfing the web from a wide variety of locations and devices. However, since they are not yet widely used, many people become confused with regard to how, why, and when to use them. If you are interested in using a VPN be sure to only purchase your VPN service from a reputable provider you can trust.

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