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10 video games from French School Isart Digital you can play for free!

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French VFX/CG and video games School Isart Digital published the games created by students as graduation projects. The goal for each team was to create a short game (10 to 15 minutes) from A to Z.

All these games are available for free on don’t hesitate to download them!


Let’s begin with Lysfangha, a game that received the “Great Prize” during the graduation ceremony, awarded by French video game studios (Spiders, Gameloft, Ubisoft, DONTNOD, Oh BiBi). (PC – 1 player)

Embody the demi-goddess Imë and purify the temple where the Lysfangha is kept, a magical artifact that protects the world. Using your temporal powers, duplicate yourself by going back in time. Cooperate with a growing horde of your past clones to repel the invasion!

Producer : Baptiste MARSAC & Daphne PAUCHET-DELOFFRE
Game Art : Thibaut DANNENMULLER, Félix DONADIO, Alexia LOUP & Jeanne PLOUNEVEZ
Game Design : Thibault LEGOUET, Florian MAUREL & Arthur PILEWICZ
Game Design & Programming : Max DROULEZ & Axel PUZENAT
Game Programming : Lucas FORCINA & Marin RIVERA
Music & Sound Design : Clément GAUNARD

Souls Reporter

Armed with a camera, explore an old building and find the secrets hidden in its past… (PC – 1 Player)

You are investigating a haunting at an abandoned cabaret for The Post Mortem magazine. Take photos of the spirit using your instant camera and piece together fragments of the past. Your article will reveal a shattered fate to the world.

Producer : Maxime BAFOIN & Lucas TIXIER
Game Art : Inès DJEZZAR, Larry LEBON & Mériem TOUMI
Game Design : Catherine DOROJKO-MOJAISKY, Robin POIRIER & Aïtor TEMPORELLI
Game Design & Programming : Nicolas ANDRE-TERRAMORSI & Florian BESNARD
Game Programming : Lubin GROUSSAT & Mehdi OUZEROUT
Music & Sound Design : Thomas LANZA & Victor SIMARD

Postbird in Provence

In the South of France, adventure awaits! (PC – 1 Player)

Hop on your bike and become Marcel, the new postbird in town! Meet the lovely and quirky people of Montélimace and bring this charming village back to life. Set amongst the lavender fields and fanned by the sea breeze, take a real breath of provençal air.

Producer: Boris BODIANSKY & Steven JOUCLA
Game Design: Benjamin GIRON & Marceau LIEVREMONT
Game Design & Programming: Adrien BORDES, Colin MONGABURE & Godefroy SALOMON 
Game Programming: Clément FAZILLEAU & Julien SOYSOUVANH
Music & Sound Design: Kevin ENGLAND & Sophie PORET


An immersive archery game. (Oculus Quest – 1 Player)

Shoot your astral arrow to overcome the fascinating challenges of a mysterious celestial world. In a calm and timeless place, thinking and concentration will be the keys to victory. An experience available in virtual reality!

Producer: Corentin TREHIOU
Game Art: Florent BOSTON, Karen CHAUVIN, Alvyne SEBALJ & Lucie TRAVAUX
Game Design: Théo CRITON, Jules PEREZ & Lucas TORSELLI
Game Design & Programming: Alexandre BERTHAULT, Jérémy PEREIRA, Emy SASSIER & Soren SZABO
Music & Sound Design: Josselin TANGE

Astreia’s Gift

Switch back and forth between two worlds and find the people of the lunar planet! (PC – 1 player)

The people of the lunar planet have disappeared! Embody Astreia, a being of light from the solar planet, and try to find them. By opening portals between these two worlds, explore the abandoned living city, but be aware, it will not let you pass so easily….

Producer: Hervé BLANCHOT & Femy NASSIROU
Game Art: Alexis CHAUDOUET, Pierre GEORGET & Gaoge REN
Game Design: Nicolas GIRAUDET, Laurène JECHOUX & Margot PELLOQUET
Game Design & Programming: Caitlin BALTUS & Yannis BERKANE
Game Programming: Marius BEAUDOIN, Lucas SCIALOM & Philippe YI
Music & Sound Design: Achille MURAT

Burger league

Burgers, fights and cooking: the perfect recipe for a fun game with a friend. (Android – 2 players)

Fight with juicy burgers in crazy stadiums! Recruit your ingredients then cook delicious meals to impose your favorite cuisine and win clashes against enemy chefs! Become a legend of the Burger League!

Producer: Mathis LENORMAND
Game Art: Nawel BENRHANNOU, Raphaël DOPPIA & Robin RISLER
Game Design: Matthis CASSAGNETTES, Hugo LAGARDE & Rodolphe LANG
Game Design & Programming: Romain BIZET, Gabriel LAPORTE & Téo SELLIER Game Programming: Basile COMBET & Damien LABLANCHE
Music & Sound Design: Louis DEJEAN

Messy Robbery

Aliens, treasures waiting to be stolen and the opportunity to create a mess: a fun recipe! (4 players – PC)

On another planet, two teams of aliens compete in a shop of human curiosities to steal as many treasures as they can. Make a mess, stun your opponents, steal their treasures and add them to your hoard to score points!

Game Art: Goldie BISEGNA, Calvin DONG & Constance TRAN
Game Design: Pauline DELCROIX, Tiphanie TIMORES & Arthur TORDJEMAN
Game Design & Programming: Maxime BIENBEAU & Grégory RUMEBE
Game Programming: Pierre AUMONT, José manuel CHAO CATALÁ & Gregoire PENON
Music & Sound Design: Adam GONCALVES


A cooperative action platformer game (2 players – PC) with lush environments.

With your spiritual double, embody a wacky shaman. You will need to cooperate with your companion and use the stretchy bond that unites you to progress. Slap your partner to show and express your disagreement but also to move through your adventure. Watch out for the slap!

Producer: Antonin PLOQUIN & Antoine THOMAS
Game Art: Alexis FACQUE, Thibaut HUSSON, Robin SULMONA & Marie UZAN
Game Design: Amédéo CALBRIX, Mathias DI CHIARA & Yoann LE GOUZOUGUEC
Game Design & Programming: Kilian BRELIVET & Adrian CASTEJON
Game Programming: Lucien BEC, Quentin MAIREAU & Hugo MUNINI
Music & Sound Design: Henri FAGOT


In this racing game, speed is not the key: style prevails, and you can win even if you’re not the first to cross the finish line! (PC – 2 players)

In the near future, face your friend at the wheel of your overboosted car. Impress viewers with your daredevil skills during high-speed overtaking and other daring drifts. Make your mark to become the undisputed champion of this frenetic race!

Producer: Olivier Adrien BERTAUD & Aurélien ROUSSE
Game Art: André FERNANDES, Baudoin FRUGIER, Loïc NAYET & Antoine RAFFY VION
Game Design: Nathan HEINIS & Damien VINCKENBOSCH
Game Design & Programming: Allan BOULOGNE & Valentin DELONNELLE
Game Programming: Alexis BERACOCHEA, Matthieu RONARC’H & Johann SCHUMANN
Music & Sound Design: Emmanuel DOUBLIER & Alexandre TOURNEUR

Friends of Fortune

Last, but not least, Friends of Fortune is a party game that you will play using both a PC and smartphones!

Experience a unique game setup that combines your smartphones with a PC screen. Set off on an adventure in the zany world of the Goddess of Chance. Collect clues, share them with your friends and use your wits to find a way out. May the dice be with you!

Producer: Masha ANTONOVA & Julie ZISSIS
Game Design & Programming: Benoit COFFINIER, Valentin DELONNELLE, Louis LEPLONGEON & Tony ZHANG
Game Programming: Aymerick ALLAMELE, Lucile HUPÉ & Quentin MOUILLADE
Music & Sound Design: Guillaume BRUNET

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