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After his indictment, Eric Bergeron reacts

Last sunday, we informed our readers that Eric « Bibo » Bergeron, director of animated feature films such as The Road to Eldorado, Shark Tale and A Monster in Paris, had been indicted for « rape ».
As we explained in our article, the indictment was linked to the production of A Monster In Paris (2011). During the making of the movie, Bergeron allegedly sexually harassed and raped a woman who committed suicide in 2017.

We have then been contacted directly by the lawyer of Eric Bergeron. He sent us a short press release that you can find below (in French) :

Monsieur Eric BERGERON tient à préciser qu’il conteste l’intégralité des faits qui lui sont
reprochés et entend indiquer qu’il rétablira son honneur devant le justice entaché par
les graves accusations dont il fait l’objet.

A cet titre, il souhaite bénéficier comme chaque justiciable de la présomption

Here is a translation (by us) of the press release :

Mr Eric BERGERON wishes to clarify that he denies the entirety of the facts he is been accused of and he intends to indicate that he will restore his honor before the justice tainted by the serious charges against him.

As such, he would like to benefit, as every litigant, of the presumption of innocence.

We will keep you informed of any developments in this case.

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