Accueil » Ben Douglas : workshop gratuit sur les hard surfaces dans ZBrush 4R6

Ben Douglas : workshop gratuit sur les hard surfaces dans ZBrush 4R6

Ben Douglas

Ben Douglas a mis en ligne un workshop vidéo de plusieurs heures sur le Hard Surface Modeling dans ZBrush 4R6, en accès gratuit.

Cinq chapitres sont proposés ; vous trouverez ci-dessous les vidéos, suivies d’un descriptif de chaque chapitre par l’auteur et par des ressources utiles (notamment les brosses personnalisées et textures utilisées par Ben Douglas).

—- Chapter 1 —-
+ Set up of the sculpting environment
+ Using Dynamesh to create a rough concept sculpt that will serve as a base for the rest of our creation
+ The use of hard surface brushes such as Trim Dynamic, HPolish and Damien Standard
+ Using the new Trim tools

—- Chapter 2 —-
+ Refining the head and creating individual Sub Tools
+ Using ZSpheres for retopology
+ Using the Crease functions to create our hard edges on our clean meshes
+ Looking at how topology effects the surface of our meshes

—- Chapter 3 —-
+ Refining the body and creating individual Sub Tools
+ Dealing with design changes and technical issues
+ Converting our clean topology to Dynamesh to add more surface properties
+ Using Insert Mesh Brushes to quickly add repeating meshes

—-Chapter 4 —-
+ Converting our clean geometry back to high resolution Dynamesh for further detailing
+ Using Slice tools to create new panel sections and enforce our design aesthetic

—-Chapter 5 —-
+ Setting up our Materials
+ Applying base colours for further painting and texturing using different material types
+ Adding more texture detail, decals, scratches and interesting texture points using ZApplink and Photoshop
+ Setting up Lightcaps
+ Rendering and the use of BPR Filters to enhance our render
+ Post render work in Photoshop

—- Resources —-

—- Custom Brushes

Extract contents of .rar file to C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Pixologic\\ZBrush 4R6\\ZStartup\\BrushPresets before launching ZBrush

—Custom UI Set Up –
Unzip the file to C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Pixologic\\ZBrush 4R6\\ZStartup\\UserInterfaceLayouts

Load up ZBrush. Click Preferences. Click Config. Click Load UI. Locate « Ben.cfg » and select Load.

—Mat Cap Collection –
Unzip the file to C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Pixologic\\ZBrush 4R6\\ZStartup\\Materials

—Alpha Collection –
Unzip to a folder

—Light Cap
Under the Light menu open the Lightcap Sub Palette and press Open. Find the file and select it.

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