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Hugh Johnson : démoreel FX et 3D généraliste

Hugh Johnson

Hugh Johnson présente sa nouvelle démoreel FX et 3D généraliste. Un breakdown complet est présent sous la vidéo.

Breakdown :

Taking The Flak – Burning Car: Supervisor, Fume fluids, lighting, and comp

Deadbeats – Ghost shots: On Set Supervision, Ghost character model and texture, Hair Farm, Fume fluids, Thinking Particles, Particle Flow, Lighting.

LVJ – Missile Strike: Ship and camera animation, Fume fluids, Rayfire destruction, particle flow, lighting, comp.

Total Recall – Crowd cloth system in Houdini. Shared development of custom crowd cloth system using Python, and HScript. Character animation picked up from database, with custom attributes to define clothing type. Clothing item then simulated with wire solver over a proxy geo based on character type, and cached out for rendering.

John Carter – Cloth sims. Simulation of cloth and other items on characters using Maya and Houdini. Fixing cache data with custom sculpts to correct any sim issues.

Psychoville – Head: On Set Supervision, Design and build of interior of sarcophagus. Fluid sim, lighting, and comp.

Saucerful of Secrets – Cloud in a box: Supervisor, Tracking of box prop, Fume sim of cloud, lighting, comp

Chaos Labs – Office Explosion: Fume fluids explosion, matte painting of building damage, breaking glass sim, lighting, comp.

Taking the Flak – Tank shots: Supervisor, Model and texture of T-55 tank model, camera track, falling earth particles, Fume fluids for dust, lighting, comp

Taking the Flak: Burning Hotel: Supervisor, Fume fluids for fire and smoke, lighting.

How To Escape the Belly of a Whale – T-Rex shots: On Set Supervision, Camera track, lighting, comp

The Wrong Door – Magic Snooker: On Set Supervision, Camera track, cue ball animation, snooker ball destruction with Thinking Particles, additional particle debris, Fume fluids for smoke.

Taking the Flak – Shell Explosion: Supervisor, Fume fluids for dust explosion, Thinking Particles for small debris, lighting, comp

Reggie Perrin – Fire Breath: Fume fluids for fire, lighting, comp

Mitchell and Webb – Giant Robot: Gun plasma, and explosion, robot texture, robot lighting.

Saucerful of Secrets – Jellyfish UFO: Supervisor, ufo texture, lighting, comp

V-Sign – Mothership Hover: Supervisor, Camera Track, lighting, comp

V-Sign – Car Chase: Supervisor, Fume fluids explosion, rayfire debris, lighting, comp.

Wild Things 4 – Boat Explosion: Fume sim for smoke, lighting, painted matte for explosion, comp