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Appel à participations : Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart 2013

ITFS 2013

Le FMX 2013 n’aura lieu qu’en avril prochain, mais il est déjà temps de préparer cette édition… Et plus précisément, le festival d’animation qui a lieu en parallèle.
La popularité de l’évènement en fait un bon tremplin potentiel, sans compter l’intérêt financier (l’ensemble des prix offerts aux lauréats s’élève à 65 000€).

Courts, courts étudiants, séries, longs-métrages, machinima, les catégories couvrent de nombreux types de projets.
Attention, la date limite est fixée au 1er décembre.

Voici le communiqué complet ; on trouvera plus de détails sur la procédure sur le site officiel du festival, qui se tiendra du 23 au 28 avril 2013.


20th Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart (23 – 28 April 2013)

There’s a reason to celebrate in 2013: The Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart (ITFS) will take place for the 20th time! And in its anniversary edition, too, the festival will offer a platform to directors and production companies to present their films as well as a chance to fans of animated film to watch animated short and feature films, to meet well-known filmmakers and young talents, and participate in numerous workshops, informational events and presentations for six days.

Since its foundation in 1982, the festival has developed into an essential event within the field of animated film in Germany and is regarded as one of the biggest and most important festivals for animated film around the world. Around 80,000 viewers and approximately 2,500 accredited people attended the festival last year. Both professionals and friends of animated film appreciate the quality and up-to-date programmes as well as the unique atmosphere at Stuttgart’s Schlossplatz. They come to Stuttgart to gain information, to educate themselves and to establish contacts. The high-profile conference FMX will take place in parallel to ITFS. With the Animation Production Day (APD) – held in cooperation with FMX and organised by Michael Schmetz Mediaconsult – the festival offers an additional marketing platform for the animation sector.

Artistic animation films and the support of young talent represent the core of the festival. The various competition programmes are endowed with prize money of more than 65,000 euros in total.

You are kindly invited to submit films produced after October 01, 2011 to one of the Festival’s following competition categories!

    – International Competition (Short film competition)
    – AniMovie (Feature-length film competition)
    – Young Animation (Student film competition)
    – Tricks for Kids – shorts and series (Competition for short films and TV series for children)
    – Cartoons for Teens (Competition for short films, series, animes, machinimas and cut scenes from computer games)

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: December 01, 2012

Information on the terms and conditions, the competition categories and the awards you will find on our homepage.


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