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Kodak vend Cinesite à un fonds d'investissement



Toujours en pleine restructuration suite à sa faillite, Kodak poursuit ses ventes afin d’assainir ses comptes. Résultat, c’est aujourd’hui le studio VFX londonien Cinesite qui est vendu à Endless LLC, un fonds d’investissement privé basé au Royaume-Uni.

Le montant de l’accord n’a pas été précisé, mais on sait déjà que l’équipe de management est conservée. Comme il se doit lors de ce type d’annonce, les dirigeants du studio sont enthousiastes dans le communiqué, indiquant en particulier que le fonds d’investissement permettra à Cinesite de s’étendre sur de nouveaux marchés.

Ci-dessous, vous retrouverez le communiqué de presse complet :

Cinesite Announces Sale to UK Private Investment Firm Endless LLP

New investors will enable world-class digital visual effects house to expand its footprint in the media and entertainment industry.

Cinesite, one of the world’s leading digital visual effects houses, and Endless LLP, an independent UK-based private equity house, today announced that Endless LLP has acquired Cinesite from Kodak for an undisclosed amount. The deal involves Cinesite’s existing management team, supported by its new investment backer.

The new deal will give Cinesite the resources and stability to fulfil a long-standing desire to expand the company into new territories, diversify its services and expand its global position in the media and entertainment industry. Cinesite is the visual effects force behind some of the world’s most successful films and television series – including the Harry Potter films, John Carter, X-Men: First Class, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Band of Brothers, Rome and Generation Kill. It is currently working on the 23rd instalment in the James Bond franchise, Skyfall, and Paramount Picture’s zombie epic starring Brad Pitt, World War Z.

Antony Hunt, managing director of Cinesite, said: “I feel that we are moving Cinesite into a new era. The partnership with Endless LLP is a great strategic move for both parties and we’re delighted to have their support and investment behind us. We have an extremely innovative and creative team who deliver cutting-edge visual effects for the media and entertainment industry, and we’re now keen to take the Cinesite brand into new territories and expand our digital visual effects services. This takeover sale will give us the opportunity we need to grow our talented team to ensure we remain at the forefront of the visual effects industry for many years.”

Garry Wilson, Managing Partner at Endless LLP, said: “Cinesite is one of the world’s most respected visual effects companies. We were truly impressed by the potential of their creative talent, breadth of blockbuster films and television shows they have been involved in, and their BAFTA, Emmy and Oscar-winning work. We’re excited to be helping Cinesite with its next stage of growth and are convinced our partnership will help them continue to expand their long-standing and successful global brand.”

Cinesite’s senior management team is made up of some of the industry’s most talented managerial, creative and technical minds. The company prides itself on discovering and nurturing talent within the industry and runs a successful annual internship programme called Inspire. Inspire candidates have gone on to work on some of the world’s largest blockbuster movies and TV shows.
About Cinesite

Cinesite is one of the largest and most creative visual effects companies in the world. Established in 1991 and headquartered in London, their visual effects team has the capacity and creativity to produce all manner of digital effects for feature films and TV shows of all scales. Their award-winning team of highly talented visual effects artists take filmmakers’ ideas and turn them into spectacular cinematic reality.

Cinesite is currently working on World War Z (Paramount Pictures) and Skyfall (Sony Pictures). They’ve recently completed work on Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (Disney/Bruckheimer), John Carter (Disney), X-Men: First Class (Twentieth Century Fox) and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 (Warner Bros).
Endless LLP

Endless LLP is a UK based private equity house with more than £500 million under management. Established in December 2005, Endless has offices in London, Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham and is currently investing its third fund of £220 million. Endless has completed several other non core transactions recently including most notably Crown Paints and Acenta Steel Ltd. Further information on Endless and some of its investments to date can be found at


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