Accueil » ZBrush 4R2 : liste officielle des nouveautés… Et version 64 bits pour la V5

ZBrush 4R2 : liste officielle des nouveautés… Et version 64 bits pour la V5

ZBrush 4R2

Enfin ! Pixologic a publié la liste intégraledes nouveautés de ZBrush 4R2, et a également indiqué que Zbrush 5… Sera disponible en 64 bits !

Nous reproduisons ici la liste, difficilement accessible à l’heure actuelle chez Pixologic dont les serveurs sont pris d’assaut :


    – Enjoy optimized geometry at all times, providing freedom to deform your mesh wherever your imagination takes you
    – Add, subtract and intersect geometry using Boolean-style operations – without producing untidy polygons.
    – Create internal shells to develop specific shapes or optimize a model for 3D printing.
    – Can be combined with the new ClayPolish surface modification.
    – PolyPaint updates as the geometry is optimized.
    – Supports Projection mode, which is useful when converting a detailed model to DynaMesh.

ZBrush 4R2


    – Freeze geometry to edit base mesh topology without losing high resolution details.
    – Improved Close Hole function.
    – ClayPolish to sharpen edges and soften surfaces. Helps simulate real clay sculpting.


    – New Wax modifier simulates SSS effects to add a wax-like appearance to your objects without a complicated setup.
    – MatCap global modification to change Hue, Saturation, Angle settings and more.
    – Improved default material shader with Background interaction.
    – Improved Shader Mixer. Modulate your shaders with new modes and operators: Hue, Saturation, Color, Ambient Occlusion, Depth, etc.

ZBrush 4R2


    – Create your own custom lighting environment with the LightCap Designer.
    – Add lights, change their color, position, intensity and opacity.
    – Background images can be converted for as a LightCap and vice versa.
    – Add alphas and textures to lights and create exciting LightCap effects.
    – Specular and Reflect mode for LightCaps generated from Background images.
    – LightCap Adjustments make global edits to your LightCap: rotate it, change its Hue, Saturation, etc.
    – Display the LightCap as a Spherical or Equirectangular preview.

Mesh Insert

    – Enable transparency when inserting a mesh for better depth and positioning control.
    – Use modifiers to change proportions of the inserted mesh.
    – Use any existing model as your insert brush.

ZBrush 4R2

Curve Mode

    – New Curve mode sweeps the current brush along a definable curve.
    – Update curves after drawing them to adjust the swept strokes.
    – Create new geometry by simply drawing a curve together with the new CurveFill brushes.


    – Duplicate your current mesh with a simple Ctrl+click.
    – Duplicate an inserted object as a negative mesh to cut into a surface with DynaMesh.
    – Combine with masking to extrude faces.


    – New Slice brush to add an edge loop with new PolyGroups on either side. Supports curves.
    – Combine Slice Brush with DynaMesh to create separate solids.
    – New Curve Fill brush to freely draw an extruded closed shape.
    – Numerous new preset brushes to get started with many new ZBrush features immediately. (Insert, Curve, etc.)

ZBrush 4R2

Best Preview Render (BPR):

    – More accurate rendering.
    – Render pipeline has been updated to 32 bits per channel.
    – The BPR saves shadows and other calculation-intensive data, only updating as needed (such as when rotating the model). Make a variety of color and material changes without needing to wait for long re-renders.
    – Smooth Normal feature softens polygon edges when rendering, without needing to subdivide.
    – Material Blending renders materials with smooth transitions between them.
    – Real-Time Wax preview.
    – Supports any 2:1 ratio Background image, including HDRI for dazzling realism.
    – Scene floor grid can slice objects and be used as a shadow catcher. Excellent for scene integration!
    – Make objects invisible to shadows or invisibly cast shadows.
    – SubTools can have their own settings for Transparency, Invisible and/or Smooth Normal features.

ZBrush 4R2

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