Accueil » SIGGRAPH 2016 : Shotgun et RV 7 en approche

SIGGRAPH 2016 : Shotgun et RV 7 en approche


A l’occasion du SIGGRAPH, Shotgun Software annonce Shotgun et RV 7.0, nouvelle version de la solution de suivi de production, plannification, revue et gestion d’assets.
L’objectif de la mise à jour, selon les développeurs, est d’apporter de nouveaux outils destinés à simplifier le workflow editorial.
Au programme donc, des outils qui feront gagner du temps, notamment sur la coordination de l’équipe d’un projet :

– Import Cut: Editorial information is quickly published to Shotgun, summarizing changes that can be shared with anyone on the project.

– Play Cuts Anywhere: With one click, watch the full cut either in the browser or in the Shotgun RV desktop player. Powerful filtering tools control which shot versions show up in the cut, such as « latest, » « latest animation » or « latest approved. »

– View any Shot in a Review Session in Context of the Cut: Teams working through shot versions in review sessions can seamlessly switch between viewing the shot in the review playlist and viewing the shot in the context of the cut.

– Track Overlapping Cuts: Quickly access a full history of all cuts on a project, including overlapping cuts such as :30, :60, :90 cuts on commercial projects, or both sequence and trailer cuts on film projects.

– API Ready: A new data model tracking the cut data is fully exposed in Shotgun’s API so studios with development resources can integrate with their pipelines.

Shotgun 7.0 devrait être disponible dès le 31 juillet.

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