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Maya 2016 : le Service Pack 6 disponible


Autodesk a publié le Service Pack 6 de Maya 2016. Il corrige une trentaine de bugs, en particulier sur le viewport.

Voici les notes de version :

MAYA-64846     Fixed a problem with Viewport 2.0 not respecting .overrideVisibility
MAYA-65303     Fixed rounding errors when using bakeResults command
MAYA-67314     Fixed a crash when using nParticles and DG parallel evaluation

API and Scripting
MAYA-65494     Fixed a hang when exporting to FBX with bake enabled from a script

Color Management
MAYA-62771     Previously, color management in Playblast lost data precision. To obtain the fix for this issue, set MAYA_FLOATING_POINT_RT_PLAYBLAST to 1.

MAYA-64931     Game Exporter: Fixed issue with missing text field for filename

MAYA-59680     Fixed a problem with vertex color assignment being lost after multiple bevel operations
MAYA-68310     UV Editor: not all UV shells appear when geo selected

MAYA-56601     Fixed a crash when unloading a reference to an nCloth with in-scene nConstraints

Scene Assembly
MAYA-66758     Fixed a crash when saving scene assemblies containing .assemblyEdits

User Interface
MAYA-64614     Linux: Fixed a problem with the hotbox causing the viewport to refresh improperly

MAYA-32937     Fixed a problem with MGeometryExtractor not handling properly named tangent / bi-tangent set from the API
MAYA-35119     Previously, over expanding the Maya UI would cause Viewport 2.0 to appear black or garbled when the viewport size exceeds 4k x 4k, and it was impossible to render images at a resolution greater than 4k x4k in Maya Hardware 2.0.
To obtain the fix for this issue, set the environment variable MAYA_VP2_USE_GPU_MAX_TARGET_SIZE to 1.
MAYA-60433     Added support for Holdout Shadows bleed color to blend with image plane
MAYA-63414     Fixed a problem with locators not displaying properly after being moved offscreen
MAYA-64031     Fixed a gamma conversion issue with BC1_UNORM_SRGB DDS textures
MAYA-64147     Fixed a problem with MSceneRender::postEffectsOverride being ignored
MAYA-64189     Fixed a problem with offscreen hold out objects causing image planes to become invisible
MAYA-64553     Fixed a crash with Viewport 2.0 when opening certain scene files
MAYA-64558     Fixed a problem with ogsRender stuck rendering the same frame repeatedly
MAYA-65047     Previously, when using the OpenSubdiv Uniform algorithm to smooth a mesh in OpenGL or OpenGL Core Profile mode, the intersection of two meshes may render incorrectly.
You can now fix this issue by setting the environment variable MAYA_VP2_NATIVE_DRAW_FOR_OSD_UNIFORM to 1.
MAYA-65262     Fixed a crash when deleting an edge after an extrude
MAYA-65493     Fixed a crash with Viewport 2.0 when exporting certain scenes to FBX
MAYA-66775     Fixed a crash when using pymel.undo and pymel.ogsRender
MAYA-67551     Fixed a condition which could cause the window to be black while drag selecting with Viewport 2.0


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