Accueil » Interview du réalisateur Tomm Moore (Brendan et le Secret de Kells, Le Chant de la mer)

Interview du réalisateur Tomm Moore (Brendan et le Secret de Kells, Le Chant de la mer)

Tomm Moore

Le site RubberOnion présente une interview audio du réalisateur Tomm Moore, connu pour les films Brendan et le Secret de Kells, Le Chant de la mer.

Voici le programme, puis l’interview elle-même :

(2:23) Talking comics & superpowers
(10:17) The beginnings of Cartoon Saloon
(14:46) Irish animation scene
(21:01) All about ‘style’
(23:17) Tattoo-talk
(25:50) “Secret of Kells” financing
(27:31) Hand-Drawn + Digital production
(32:23) Irish history & folklore
(36:07) “Song of the Sea”
(36:03) Jack-of-all-Trades and which ‘trade’ is preferred
(37:15) International co-production ins-and-outs
(38:19) “The Breadwinner”
(40:15) What the motivation to enter another production is after one finishes
(42:10) Brendan Gleeson
(43:31) “Wolfwalkers”
(46:59) R-Rated animation?
(48:56) Audience Questions…
(49:00) James T. Nethery: “What are some benefits and drawbacks to a fully digital workflow?”
(51:28) Chris Guido: “What aspect of your visual story telling do you value most?”
(51:47) Jacob Krehbiel: “Do you think there is a higher demand for independent films like yours [and] has Hayao Miyazaki seen your work?”
(54:02) Stephen asks about animal sidekicks
(54:37) Alex Dudley: “Eddie and the Realms Eternal was fantastic. Will you shop the show around to Netflix or network TV if Amazon passes on it?”
(55:17) Dionysis Zogaris: “What made you stick with 2D… instead of going more into 3D like everybody else?”
(56:18) Jack Morgan: “Have you had any famous actors and actresses asking for voice roles in your movies after gaining success [and] when will Wolfwalkers be released?”
(57:33) Kaishu Mannella: “What’s your daily routine [and] any places you recommend visiting/favorite spots in Ireland?”
(58:21) Rodney T Masanga: “Beard or no beard?”
(1:00:08) Chris Cookson: “How are you able to make such personal projects without really making any compromises for marketability?”
(1:01:21) Ashley Catherine Fontones: “How do your ideas come to you?”
(1:02:35) Emmett Goodman: “How do you look at yours and Cartoon Saloon’s contributions to animation culture?”

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