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MODO 901 : le SP3 disponible


The Foundry lance le Service Pack 3 de MODO 901, une mise à jour qui corrige une quinzaine de bugs, listés ci-dessous. On trouvera également sur le site de The Foundry la liste des problèmes encore non corrigés par la SP3.

– The Text Paint tool does not work.  

– UV-mapped images do not display correctly in GL until an update is forced.

– Potential crash when deleting a mesh if the Wireframe texture is also selected and Preview is open.

– Potential crash opening the Graph Editor in the Animate layout, due to a config file corruption.

– Tool handles may disappear during undos.

– Changing between multiple scenes and using Preview when one or both scenes use proxies can lead to a memory leak.

– Potential crash when setting a Replicator point source to a Particle Look At modifier, when there is no camera present in the scene.

– Mesh presets are not handled properly to account for pre-901 shading models and therefore import set to ‘Physically Based’.

– The jitter tool will jitter points along disabled axes, if their jitter values are non-zero.

– Potential crash when using UV Relax with the straighten option, with multiple meshes selected.

– Slaves enabled after a network render has started will not participate in the render.

– Items or item hierarchies may disappear from the item list.

– The String Compose node does not handle Windows drive notation (i.e. C:\) correctly.

– Loading images from the Sprite properties menu, when accessed from the “more” (>>) button, can lead to instability.

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