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Cinema 4D : les conférences du SIGGRAPH disponibles en vidéo

Cinema 4D

Les conférences autour de Cinema 4D, organisées par Maxon lors du SIGGRAPH 2015, peuvent désormais être visionnées à loisir sur le site Cineversity.

Au total, 21 présentations sont disponibles : making-of, ateliers, cas d’utilisation. En voici la liste :

Tim Clapham: Unleashing Creative Possibilities with C4D
Tim Clapham: Character and Simulation Tools in Motion Graphics
Chris Schmidt: Advanced and Unusual ways of using C4D’s HAIR
Sekani Solomon: Cheating Dynamics with MoGraph and Thinking Particles
Sekani Solomon: Cinema 4D Production Workflow Techniques
Nick Campbell: 3D Lighting and Product Visualization
Lucas-James Schumacher: High-end Projection Mapping with Cinema 4D
Cantina Creative: Cinema 4D VFX for Avengers: Age of Ultron & Need for Speed
Josh Johnson: VFX for Indie Films
Patrick Longstreth: Hellyfish VFX Breakdown in Cinema 4D
Eric Demeusy: Previz to Final Shot with Cinema 4D and Octane
Andy Lefton: Breakdown of « Two Worlds » Animated Short
Marc Potocnik: C4D R17 in Documentary VFX Production
Marc Potocnik: Scientific Eyecandy – VFX for TV-Documentaries
Athanasios Pozantzis: Cinema 4D Release 17 – The Ultimate Workflow Tool
Athanasios Pozantzis: Houdini and Cinema 4D R17
Bret Bays: Creating a Character Rigging Pipeline in Cinema 4D
Bret Bays: Weighting Workflows for Cinema 4D Character Animation
Brandon Parvini: Simulation and Render Workflows in Cinema 4D
Brandon Parvini: Optimizing Sketch and Toon Renders
Casey Hupke: C4D with X-Particles and TurbulenceFD


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