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Unreal Engine 4.8 Preview


L’équipe d’Epic a récemment mis en ligne une vidéo de présentation des nouveautés attendues dans la prochaine version de son célèbre moteur 3d temps réel : Unreal Engine 4.8.

Cette vidéo se présente sous la forme d’une discussion entre le community manager Chance Ivey, le lead tools programmer Matt Kuhlenschmidt et le directeur technique Mike Fricker; ils présentent les grandes lignes de cette mise à jour et répondent à plusieurs questions d’utilisateurs posées sur le forum officiel du moteur.


Watch live video from UnrealEngine on Twitch

Voilà une liste non exhaustive des nouveautés en préparation pour cette mise à jour :

  • – SteamVR: HTC Vive support!
  • – Support for the new Morpheus hardware and SDK, including 120Hz reprojection
  • – Major rendering optimizations for landscape and foliage in huge worlds (e.g. hierarchical foliage culling and rendering)
  • – Grass Rendering System for landscapes. Optimized for drawing huge amounts of grass and ground clutter with temporal LOD cross-fading.
  • – Procedural Foliage System (Experimental Preview), for automatic object placement in huge environments
  • – Depth of Field effects have been improved to be more physically-based.
  • – Motion Blur has been improved to be more realistic
  • – Morph Target Animations can now generate Motion Blur (new optional Project and Material setting.)
  • – New Tone Mapper with more filmic look and standardized parameters
  • – Foliage Rendering optimizations, including occlusion culling support.
  • – Hierarchical LOD System, for auto-clustering of actors and auto-merging of meshes/materials
  • – Network Replays: Rewind support, and Live Time Scrubbing (see ShooterGame example.)
  • – Web Browser UI Widgets for Unreal Motion Graphics (desktop platforms only)
  • – Unreal Motion Graphics UI Editor: Many improvements (split screen support, animation workflows, device preview, full screen drag and drop.)
  • – Foliage Editor UI has been redesigned to be easier to use
  • – Paper2D: Tile Map Collision Authoring (Early Access)
  • – Paper2D: 2D Editing mode with transform gizmo
  • – Paper2D: Normal mapped sprites, and multiple textures per sprite
  • – Plugin Creation Wizard (Experimental Preview). Create new editor plugins easily, thanks to Karolz on GitHub!
  • – Global Editor Settings. Your window layout (and many other settings) is now remembered across all projects
  • – Ctrl+Tab Window Switcher, to quickly navigate between any editor window or tab
  • – In-world Component Editing: Per-instance Blueprint component property editing support
  • – Blueprints: Many stability and workflow improvements. This was a major focus of the 4.8 release.
  • – Blueprint Graph Wire editing (move wires with Ctrl+click, easily reroute with double-click, alt+click to remove.)
  • – New Procedural Mesh Component (Early Access), for easily creating 3D meshes at runtime using Blueprints or C++
  • – Static Mesh Editing: Automatic Convex Collision generation has been greatly improved (V-HACD)
  • – Many new features exposed to Blueprint Scripting, include all major Game Mode features.
  • – Asset Size Mapper: Visualize the memory footprint of game assets in an interactive tree map UI
  • – Data Table Editor has been improved for faster iteration on spreadsheets

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