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RenderPal passe en V2.5.5


Shoran Sotware annonce le passage de RenderPal en version 2.5.5. Ce manager pour renderfarm compatible Maya, Max, Cinema4D, Nuke, After Effects, Softimage/XSI a droit à plusieurs améliorations :

– meilleure intégration dans des pipelines customisés ;
– Possibilité d’exécuter toute commande arbitraire à distance sur les machines clientes ;
– Autres améliorations mineures, comme la possibilité de considérer un travail non terminé comme fini, la possibilité d’utiliser des délais de dispatching, …

Voici le communiqué complet :

This maintenance release brings quite a number of new handy features and improvements:

To make the integration of RenderPal V2 into custom rendering pipelines easier, we added the ability to control net jobs and client pools using the console remote controller; we also added switches to block or to restrict the job to certain clients. The console remote controller received many new switches (like specifying a net job color), especially for the new features introduced in this version.

RenderPal V2 now allows you to easily execute any arbitrary commands remotely on client machines; this is especially useful to perform silent installations on your nodes.

Other improvements include a minimum dispatching delay for each net job, the ability to treat unfinished jobs as done when checking for net job dependencies and improvements to output filters and several API additions in the renderer system.

We also fixed a good bunch of bugs in this version; the submitter scripts for Maya and After Effects have received some fixes as well.

Pour plus de détails sur Renderpal, les compatibilités mais également des captures d’écran : le site officiel.


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