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Oblique FX : démoreel extension de décors et 3D

Oblique FX

Le studio Oblique FX présente une nouvelle démoreel consacrée aux extensions de décors. On y trouvera aussi quelques effets 3D divers : plantes, fleurs, destruction d’une église, simulations.

Breakdown :
– LA BELLE ET LA BÊTE (France, 2014): Ballroom set extension with simulated curtains, Beast’s CG face replacement and CG tail, CG leaves
– ÉSIMÉSAC (Québec, 2012): Set extension with CG snow, trees and train tracks. CG wings and cable removals. Full CG shots (train arriving in front of the characters)
– RIDDICK (USA, 2012): CG Set extensions with CG ambient smoke. CG ship enhancement. (in collaboration with Raynault VFX)
– SOURCE CODE (USA, 2010): CG Explosion simulations
– DOLPHIN TALE 2 (USA, 2014): Removal of the live turtle. CG Turtle with water interactions. Full CG over-the-water shot (CG pelican done by John Mariella).
– BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN (USA, 2005): Set extensions
– ON THE ROAD (USA, 2012): Removal of modern elements and CG set extension. Removal of the road white lines and whiten the center yellow lines. CG Rain Enhancement.
– THE FOUNTAIN (USA, 2005): CG Plants and Flowers. CG skin interactions.
– RESCUE (CA, 2010, Imax): CG collapsing church with CG smoke simulations
– THE COVENANT (USA, 2006): CG Set Extensions. CG ambient smoke. CG cliffs and water.


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