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VoluMedic 3.0, moteur de rendu GPU pour Lightwave

L’éditeur VoluMedic vient de lancer une nouvelle version de son moteur de rendu temps réel accéléré GPU pour les utilisateurs de Lightwave : VolumeMedic 3.0. Pas mal de nouvelles fonctions dans cette mise à jour, dont notamment une refonte totale de l’interface et du moteur GPU.


Vous pouvez trouver ci-dessous une liste non-exhaustive de ce qu’il apporte de nouveau :

  • – GPU accelerated raycasting in LightWave’s Viewports.
  • – New, streamlined user interface.
  • – Slice views are now available inside LightWave’s viewports, replacing the Slice Editor panel (which is still available). The volume data is displayed and resliced according to three relative coordinate systems (dataset, object and world).
  • – Painting, measurement and segmentation of volume data can now be done directly in the LightWave viewports (3D and 2D views).
  • – Tools for automatic, semi- automatic and manual pre- orientation of volume data. This is particularly important if data always has to be aligned the same way for reliable measurement and analysis. Reoriented data is correctly resliced and displayed in realtime in the 2D and 3D Views.
  • – Eight new Shading Quality modes for the software renderer that do not only look better, but also render much faster than those available in version 2.0. The same Shading Quality levels also affect the new GPU- Raycaster, making a manual selection of shaders unnecessary.
  • – New requesters for the reduction of dataset and OpenGL texture sizes make very large datasets viewable even on systems with otherwise insufficient memory (at a slightly reduced quality).
  • – Improved support for the interactive ViewPort Renderer (VPR) in LightWave 10 and later.
    Switch between GPU and CPU rendering at any time! Use whatever fits your workflow and your hardware!
  • – Faster, multithreaded filters and importers.
  • – New compressed VoluMedic format for more efficient storage, as well as faster loading and saving.
  • – Improved Analyze and DICOM- Importers.

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